Monday, February 1, 2010

Boys Teen Pic Ideas For A Teen Boy Hangout Room (pic Included)?

Ideas for a teen boy hangout room (pic included)? - boys teen pic

We have entered into a back room to ourselves at a solarium. What we originally had in mind was to reduce the windows, and spaces in addition to Windows, see this picture to see where I speak @ N0 ... and the erection of screens. But now we can not afford to remodel, so I told my son (13), which can be used as a meeting place where friends come. There is a futon, a chair, a chair, a table with a game-TV, PS2, all his films, and a small table. What can we do to make it friendly and the Spice Girls? I never want the painting, finally my porch, but my son asked if I could graffiti spray paint on the white boards, since the time I will cut. Am I to him? Not really into sports, is more of a skater boy, he loves graffiti and garbage. What can we do?


Miranda said...

You could make some graffiti poster size and hang them on other posters may choose to Wal-Mart or souvenir shops, as before. Spencer has a lot of cool young things. If in skating then maybe you might see something like red heat. Off the beaten track and let him choose what you like. Probably not how, but he and his friends and, well is, is that cool baby and his house is the cool hang spot, so you mean that with HES check and you know what they're doing that, unlike house and hanging with other friends without the slightest idea what was in place. Go Mom! Excellent idea, good education!

question... said...

If it looks good, knows what a good idea to go somewhere that Wal-Mart sells paintings, etc., he chooses a couple of buckets of different colors and that he and his friends in the room a little inappropriate color style, you should also washable finger paint, so you can hang your handprints on the wall.

Lib said...

They could do graffiti, which sounds like a good idea. have these things in pbteen, but they are very expensive, so I do not know, but here are the links: ... ...

They can also be accessed shelves to put PS2 games on some posters and he wants to hang

I hope that helped! =]

BRITTANY said...

you what you want to do it and then decide what can and what not to do.

Polly K said... a lot of cool things like PBTeen, but for much less money!

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